Metric Gaming takes an unusual approach to its sportsbook advertising campaign in the firm’s latest social video titled ‘We call BS!’. 

With one of the most remarkable openings to an advertisement, the video starts with a slow zoom in on… a pile of faeces. 

“Are you trying to run a serious sportsbook using a turn-key service? Then you’ll probably recognise this. (picture of …faeces) This is the freedom you enjoy to customise your product. It’s the collaborative and flexible service model you expected. It’s the control you have over your strategy and your future. You know how this is going to play out. 

“With other operators spending big on product autonomy, how are you going to compete? Our multi-tenor solution is as customisable as an in-house sportsbook available in the fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost. Sound too good to be true? We know. To start a no-nonsense conversation about upgrading your sportsbook visit” 

Tweeting on social media Metric Gaming stated “Not a stock image, or lazy sporting reference in sight!

“We hope you enjoy watching it as much as our creative team enjoyed making it.”

‘Enough BS’ says Metric Gaming with its new advertising campaign