Inside Asian Gaming discusses the development of integrated gaming resorts (IR) in Japan, outlining the differing locations, market factors and political influences dictating the momentum of the country’s gambling industry.

What is it?

As gaming developers move forward with plans to launch integrated resorts in the country, a range of factors are beginning to influence the process, including the varying political and economic circumstances of Japan’s cities and islands, and the approaches of the various operators involved.

Who is it?

Andrew W Scott, Vice Chairman and CEO, Inside Asian Gaming

Joji Kokuryo, Managing Director, Bay City Ventures

Inside Asian Gaming is a B2B print and digital magazine, focusing on news and developments in the Asian betting and gaming industry. 

Bay City Ventures is a Japan-based media and business development agency, providing front-line experience in foreign business and the gaming market’.

What is being said?

Scott and Kokuryo discuss a range of topics ‘around the country’, including the differing political situations in Hokkaido, Nagasaki, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Wakayama and Yokohama, and the approaches taken by operators such as MGM, Sega Sammy, Genting Singapore and Melco Resorts.

Regarding the situation in Yokohama, Kokyryo remarked: “As we all know, Yokohama’s bidding procedures has started. I don’t expect any of the IR operators to put in their early applications, because they want to finalise as much as possible before they need to make initial applications.

“The political risk of the mayoral election, should be happening in mid August, or probably early August, and the bigger question is, is Mayor Hayashi going to run for re-election?”

He continued: “If you look at Yokohama’s schedule or their development process, they’re going to select their operator in summer, but not make the agreement with them until Autumn, which would be September, October, November. So, again, that’s kind of the risk that any applicants would face when it comes to the election.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain an insight into the development of Japan’s integrated gaming resorts and the differing factors involved regarding locations, politics and operators.

Where can I see more?
Source: Inside Asian Gaming YouTube Channel.

Inside Asian Gaming – Japan: The race to launch integrated resorts