Inside Asian Gaming (IAG) dissects the new regulations set to be introduced to the Japanese gaming industry, explaining why the first draft of new laws ends a decade of ‘rejection’ for the sector.

Who is it?

Andrew W Scott, CEO Vice Chairman and CEO of IAG Japan

Joji Kokuryo, Managing Director of Bay City Ventures

Inside Asian Gaming is a monthly, B2B print and digital gaming magazine, founded in 2005, with a broad business editorial focus on the Asian gaming industry.

What is being said?

Discussing the gaming landscape in Japan, Scott opened: “What I’ve been hearing is it’s the very first time that the newly-formed regulator over there has issued a set of regulations of any description for casinos in Japan, and obviously the very first time things happen, we maybe don’t get it 100% right or it’s only a draft. We’ve been hearing that even for Japanese people, it’s a bit confusing to understand and we’ve got to just spend some time making sense of it.”

Explaining his first impressions of the regulations, Kokuryo noted: “After going through a lot of the material, I wouldn’t call it very organised but we have a lot of regulations, a lot of licensing criteria and a lot of sample forms and questionnaires. There’s a lot of information and putting it together, for one, is the first step.

“As you mentioned, it’s the first time Japan has done this. Casino gaming has been pretty much rejected for over a century here, so getting a start on this and having something very basic to start is really good. At this point, it’s not the world’s most rigorous regulation but there always has to be a step one and I’m hoping that this is it.”

Why should I watch it?

To understand the first draft of Japan’s casino regulations and how it might affect the country’s gaming industry.

Where can I see more?

Source: Inside Asian Gaming YouTube Channel

Inside Asian Gaming: Dissecting Japan’s ‘very first’ casino regulations