In Kahlil Philander’s latest panel, the guest speakers discussed problem gambling and its treatment, focusing particularly on what different stakeholders in the betting industry can do to ensure harm reduction is achieved and player safeguarding is enforced.

What is it?

The two guest speakers discussed harm reduction by gambling stakeholders, inspired by the publishing of a commentary piece by Dr Sally Gainsbury on the challenge of problem gambling as online betting becomes increasingly popular.

Who is it?

Moderator – Dr Sally Gainsbury of the University of Sydney.

Guest Speaker – Dr Marc Potenza, Professor of Psychartairy, Child Study and Neuroscience at the Yale University School of Medicine.

Guest Speaker – Jing Shi. PostDoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Mental Health Policy Research at CAMH.

What is being said?

Speaking from an American perspective, Potenza stated changes in technologies and state laws are influencing the development of harm reduction strategies in the US.

He stated that: As more states are making different forms of gambling legal, how best to protect the public health in this setting is one where different stakeholders have become involved.

“So, for example, in 2019 I attended – before COVID shutdowns – different meetings, meeting the NCAA, which is the collegiate sports association in the United States. They had a conference, given concerns about the changes in gambling laws and in gaming behaviours among college students, they were concerned about the stakeholders within the college sports system. So, different stakeholders are affected by these changes and are trying to work together to try to adapt and to protect.”

Jing Shi added: “I think in today’s climate, It must be extra difficult for policymakers to set regulations and policies because if, for example, gambling, if your state.has banned certain types of gambling or disable certain types of schemes, people can easily go online and gamble and find what they want somewhere else. 

“And I think that really, I don’t know if this is possible but find a way where globally policies can be set globally, so that you get coverage kind of the same protections globally and you don’t have people jumping around to different platforms, or different venues, I don’t even know if that could be possible because now with Blockchain, and decentralised gambling venues, there is absolutely no regulations there. 

“And even if somehow you know governments all regulated gambling in every country, people could go to the decentralised casinos.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights from experienced academics on the topic of responsible gambling.

Where can I see more?

Source – Kahlil Philander YouTube Channel

Kahlil Philander’s guests discuss harm reduction in latest panel