As the NFL season continues and betting markets continue to move, DraftKings Contributors Julian Edlow and Steve Buchanan discussed the key events from the third as the Rams continued to stake their claim. 

Both Edlow and Buchanan were made to sweat as the Baltimore Ravens only just got over the line by the narrowest margins against the Detroit Lions. 

In spite of the weekend representing a largely positive betting period, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers falling short against the Los Angeles Rams did hinder a few coupons, with Buchanan stating his belief that ‘the Rams look like the team this season’. 

The Director of Racing and Sportsbook at DraftKings Johnny Avello then joined the show as they delved deep into the upcoming round of games and their odds. 

Avello analysed what is similar between this week and last week as he detailed that the Cleveland Browns have shortened in price significantly against the Vikings, however, he stated his belief that the matchup may well be unfavorable for Minnesota. 

Edlow also emphasised his belief that this may be the week to get back on the Chiefs as they experience a bit of a bounceback and reemerge into the fold with a victory. 

“I don’t mind the Chiefs – if there is going to be a bounceback weekend for them it might be here, obviously Andy Reid has some stuff going on, but this may be the week to get back on the Chiefs,” he stated. 

DraftKings Unreasonable Odds Podcast: Bettors sweat over the Ravens after narrow win