Phil Ivey and celebrity sneaker designer, The Surgeon have come together for the expansion of NFTs with the latest Web3 marketplace player, Moments

The offering’s mission is to preserve ‘culture-defining moments’ on the blockchain in partnership with modern-day and past icons. 

As part of the link between poker legend, Ivey and The Surgeon, and the specialist sneaker conference, SneakerCon, the NFT has officially dropped and will be live for auction during this week. 

“By launching Moments, we are taking the world of NFTs to a new realm, that of the Multiverse NFT. We are incredibly excited to launch Moments with three incredible partners, Phil Ivey, The Surgeon, and Sneakercon as our first drop,” commented Meysam Moradpour, general manager for A5 Labs’ Innovation Lab. 

“We are immortalising culture’s most significant moments on the blockchain, forever connecting celebrated Icons and events with the collectors who want to own a piece of history; that is what makes Moments special and different.”

With Moments, each multiverse NFT offers collectors three unique dimensions to allow them to own a historical moment and live it in the physical world and metaverse — related to that Moment. 

Mapping out the various dimensions, the firm detailed: 

●       First Dimension: The highest bidder will own one of the world’s most intense bluffs, a defining moment in the history of poker. The Moment captures a High Stakes poker battle between Phil and Tom Dwan, another legendary icon in the poker community. It is symbolic of the essence of poker and as an immortalized NFT it is a cultural heritage.

●       Second Dimension: The winner of this Phil Ivey NFT Moment auction will get an all-expenses-paid luxury trip to Las Vegas to meet and play poker with Phil Ivey himself in a high-stakes cash game.

●       Third Dimension: The final dimension is a limited edition The Surgeon x Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker, tied to the poker bluff moment, and can be worn in the metaverse and in real life. This sneaker is the first-ever metaverse creation made by the L.A.-based celebrity custom sneaker designer.

Phil Ivey and The Surgeon come together for unique NFT offering