Expanding its marketing presence has been a key factor in the rapid growth of Amigo Gaming. 

It is something that came into focus at the SBC Summit in Barcelona, as Marga Fernandez, Business Development Manager at Amigo Gaming, spoke to Trudy Kerr as she explained the company’s rapid growth.

‘The industry is like a big family’, the BDM explained as she mapped out the various regions the firm is growing into as it seeks to become a major player in the online gaming space. 

She also detailed the origins of the name Amigo gaming and why it perfectly fit the company’s mindset, as it looks to become a household name in the gaming sector.

‘I think, my big win would be for everybody to know us and to get recognised as games that people want’, Fernandez concluded as she mapped out the company’s growth ambitions.

Amigo Gaming – Becoming a household name in the gaming sector