What is it?

After COVID-19 slowed the introduction of regulated sports betting across Latin America, the likes of Brazil and Buenos Aires are still on track. This panel taken from SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital looks at which markets will offer the best regulated opportunities in 2021 and the primary challenges for European operators and suppliers looking to enter the region.

Who is it?


Witoldo Hendrich, Founding Partner, Online IPS and Hendrich Advogasdos

Tomas Garcia Botta, Partner, MF Estudio

Rodrigo Afanador, CEO, Zamba.co

 Gonzalo Pérez, CEO, Apuesta Total


Kristal Rovira, Legal and Research Director – Americas, VIXIO Gambling Compliance

What is being said?

In regards to Peruvian operators waiting two years for congress to implement the mandate of the approved online gambling framework.

Pérez: “Here we have a strange situation, where the government knows how things should be, but they don’t have the will power to sanction the bill! Online gambling has therefore been left to Congress. 

“This year, Peru hosts a short Congress as it’s an election year, so Congress is prioritising populist laws that will appeal to the public before the economy.”

“I prefer for Congress to not even review the online gambling bill, as we don’t know what the outcome will be and how situations may change this year”.  

Hendrich: “What BNDES is going to do is show to the government, what is the best environment, the best rules, practices, what needs to be changed and how activities can be regulated to make sure Brazil has a safe gambling marketplace for the future.”

“From 2021, I believe that phase one of BNDES programme will be delivered within seven to eight months, but I’m an optimist, I have friends who are closer to congress and they believe that this could be delivered by the second semester of 2022.”

Why should I watch it?

A look towards the LatAm betting industry in 2021 and what opportunities lie there.

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Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC Barcelona: An insight into LatAm 2021 opportunities