Star Guardians will change the way we look at slot titles, said Evoplay CEO Ivan Kravchuk, as he discussed the launch of the studio’s “most high-impact game”.

The hotly anticipated third-person shooter slot, officially launched on 28 October, sees players fast-forward to the fifth year of an interplanetary war in 2777. 

Speaking just before the official launch, Kravchuck said: “We are so excited to launch our flagship product for 2021 – Star Guardians – where we merge the lines between industries, audiences, and genres to produce an entirely new entertainment experience.

“Star Guardians is set to change the way we look at slot titles, enabling players to take full control over their game experience in a way that they have never seen before.”

The interplanetary war sees swarms of giant, mutated insects called Tritons feed on human energy and resources, killing everyone they find in their path. 

To counter this evil, players must take full control of a character – Joe Butcher, Skyler or Keliot, who combine to form a special forces team: The Star Guardians.

The game also utilises Evoplay’s cutting-edge game engine, Spinential, which delivers 10x faster load-times, as well as an enhanced user interface, autospin feature and game history mobile bar that allows players to look at each of their winning spins.

To watch the complete Gameplay Teaser, click here or watch the video above.

Star Guardians: Changing the way we look at slot titles