In CasinoBeats’ latest edition of the Innovation in Slots series, a panel of guest speakers discussed the growing significance of online streamers to the global slots industry.

Joining Stewart Darkin, Managing Director of CasinoBeats, were Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of leading streamer Relax Gaming;Tobias Svensen, CEO of CasinoGrounds; and Johan Ekberg, Group Casino Games Manager at international online gaming operator LeoVegas.

One of the main advantages of streamers, as argued by Ekberg, is their ability to act as brand ambassadors, and take an active role in sending out a safer gambling message regarding slot usage. 

“When we have a streamer playing at LeoVegas they are, in a way, representing us to the playerbase,” he began.“ This is where we want them to act in a responsible way, a realistic way.”

The CEO added that streamers should encourage slot gamers to remain vigilant: “Play with your own money, do it in a sensible way and keep highlighting in the streams that if you do hit the big win, that this is not something really common and it was something really lucky. And also show the losses when you play, as that is something a lot of streamers don’t necessarily do.”

Hammon agreed with Ekberg’s statement, explaining: “It’s about responsible gaming, which is becoming first and foremost the general industry mindset, representing real play in a safe an environment as possible, in a way that doesn’t encourage any problem gambling.”

Recognising the importance of promoting responsible gaming, Svensen pointed out that many gaming operator’s approach Relax Gaming to better promote a safer gambling message.

“There’s now a lot of game providers and operators that do come to us and kind of want to create a discussion on how can we set some similar guidelines to ensure that we keep it at a responsible level, where we do provide authentic experiences with responsible gaming in mind,” he remarked.

CasinoBeats’ Innovation in Slots discusses growing significance of streamers