The latest episode of Gary Vaynerchuck’s Hard Dialogue podcast alongside DraftKings saw Adam Richman, the host of Modern Marvels and Jessie Coffield take a closer look at what’s next for the New York Jets this season. 

It comes as the Jets prepare for a clash with the Miami Dolphins, a rivalry that the podcast host underlined runs deep and even has family implications with his sister being a Dolphins fan. 

Richman, also a fan of the Dolphins, backed his side to do the business this weekend, whilst stating that he remains cautious, with the Dolphins being experts at ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’. 

In order to preview a potential slugfest between the Titans and The Steelers he was also joined by Paul Kuharsky and Jim Wexell, who revealed that his first ever punt was against the Miami Dolphins. 

Kuharsky stated his belief that the Titans are a struggling team and have had their offense turned inside out by injuries, nonetheless, he did back the defence of the side as potentially being key to victory.

GaryVee’s Hard Dialogue – Looking ahead to the New York Jets vs the Miami Dolphins