As the dust settles on a dramatic Championship Sunday, thoughts are already turning towards the Super Bowl collision between the Cincinnati Bengals and the St Louis Rams

Fox Bet Live brought together Jason McIntyre, Geoff Schwartz and Sam Panayotovich as their anticipation builds towards the biggest event of the American Football calendar.  

Kicking off the show, Schwartz emphasised his disbelief at the fairytale run of the Bengals, as they prepare for their first Super Bowl in 33 years. 

He stated: “I just don’t know how the Bengals did it, that is what I keep coming back to, I just don’t know what has happened to their team down the stretch but here they are, they have continued to win and they have done enough to meet the Rams in the Super Bowl.”

In terms of the betting markets, Schwartz highlighted that there could be value in the under 49 points market with the Bengals forward line failing to find consistency when it comes to scoring touchdowns – as he then lauded the way they have been ‘playing sound football and not making mistakes’. 

McIntyre also echoed the sentiment that defences could well thrive in the clash – highlighting that the Rams defence is ‘built for passing attacks’ adding that ‘everything the Bengals do, the Rams do better defensively’. 

Taking a closer look at the player props, the panel picked out Ja’Marr Chase to rise to the occasion and grab a touchdown if the Bengals are to overcome the odds. 

As ‘Sammy P’ underlined the importance of him performing, by stating ‘he needs to score if they are going to win. If you are betting the Bengals, you need this Bengal to get in the endzone for them to win’. 

The panel also picked out ‘swaggy’ Joe Burrow as being pivotal to the Bengals’ hopes of achieving the NFL’s richest prize, as he looks to keep up the momentum and turn in another key performance.

Fox Bet Live: All eyes turn to the Super Bowl as the Bengals look to cause an upset