Once again providing a unique insight into the Star Sports trading room, Flynn Goward and Johnny Ward were joined by avid NFL fan Izzy Philips as they reflected on Super Bowl weekend. 

Firstly, however, the podcast analysed the latest news from the world of horse racing as they shared their thoughts on the current climate for the Jockey’s Championship. 

As well as this, they also looked at the reaction to the ‘distressing’ Mark Todd video, which stole headlines this week, as Philips underlined the importance of those at the top of sport representing its values.r. 

Goward also agreed that the optics for the video are ‘terrible’, however added that he believed that it goes on in most yards, nonetheless stating that he believes it’s a poor look for the sport and is a draconian practice. 

In terms of the Super Bowl, a dramatic clash unfolded on Sunday evening as late drama saw The LA Rams overcome underdogs the Cincinnatti Bengals, who once again showed heart and spirit, coming so close to an unlikely victory. 

The panel reflected on some close calls and also controversial decisions that were made by officials as part of the NFL’s curtain-closer this weekend. 

Star Sports Trader Chat: Super Bowl Sunday provides dramatic collision