Aurum Solutions’ Rodrigues: The importance and challenges of maintaining finances in a business

Businesses are always rapidly moving internally to grow and improve their product, but they often alienate their own finances and the overall progression of the business. 

Aurum Solutions are one of many payment solution firms that aim to deliver data to help its clients run their businesses as efficiently as possible. 

Vasco Vaz Rodrigues, Marketing & Communications Manager at Aurum Solutions, caught up with SBC Media at SBC Summit North America 2021 at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Rodrigues told SBC what he wants delegates to take away from his presentation on day 2 of the summit, including the importance of integrating a business’ finance team into the rest of the organisation, as well as how a finance team can maintain structure as a business grows. 

“Its important to integrate the finance team within the rest of the company, it plays a major role that they can actually understand where the business is going,” Vasco remarked. 

“They can work with other teams making sure whatever decisions they make the impact that has on a finance team is smooth.”

Vasco added: “I believe finance can keep a structure by creating the right processes and having the right technology right by their side to help with that. To help them scale, to help them automate processes.

“Excel is a big part of the finance of peoples lives. So its really important to understand what they can do to automate those processes that take hours and days to actually conclude every month.”

Vasco also spoke about the US market, and the biggest challenges facing US sportsbooks and operators in the market when it comes to payments.

“I really think America by itself its a real challenge for operators in general,” stated Vasco. 

“Not only for payments but the regulations that we have right now, per state they differ a lot and they are constantly changing. So its hard to keep up to date. 

“There are a lot of challenges in terms of payments to offer local solutions and to actually get the fees that the operators deserve.