Betclic has unveiled its second Polish-market nationwide marketing campaign – ‘Wybierz swoj Kurs’ (‘Set Your own Course’). 

Developed by Warsaw advertising agency 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT, the campaign aims “to prove that sports betting has expanded its demographics and has deepened engagement amongst new audiences. 

The creative sees Betclic continue to focus on developing ‘brand-centric narratives’ to strengthen its presence within Poland –  a marketplace the French betting group returned to in 2018. 

Bartłomiej Płoskonka Betclic Country Manager for Poland explained: “Competition, lack of limitations, following one’s passion, challenging oneself, and achieving goals, although often combined with sport, are first of all a part of life.

“Just like Betclic, for many young people, it is a kind of motto, a kind of life path. It is among them that we see potential users. This campaign shows that betting can give them what they aspire to every day and connect with them even more.”  

Last year Betclic appointed 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT to lead its creative strategy for Poland, tasking the firm with expanding its brand profile among Polish sports audiences. 

A specialist in developing high concept and high coverage media campaigns, 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT has led creative content for Nike, Burger King BNP Paribas and Red Bull in Poland.

“In our films we show the transformative journey of four characters, but in all honesty it could be the journey of any of us,”  remarked  Pablo Dominguez Agregan, creative director of 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT. 

“Our goal was to portray the contrast between what is expected from these characters, and how they leap into what they feel they should be actually doing. Completing that transformation was their victory. Showing it in a joyful and understandable manner was ours.”

Betclic unveils new marketing campaign