OpenBet’s newly appointed CTO Florian Diederichsen emphasised his belief that as the digital transformation of sports betting continues, the sector will become increasingly immersed in sports entertainment. 

In taking the role at OpenBet, Diederichsen revealed his ambitions to be ‘groundbreaking and disruptive’ as the firm looks to evolve from a sports betting firm to a sports entertainment company. 

Bringing a wealth of experience, he pinpointed in-play betting as being one of the biggest changes in the industry as being the exponential growth of in-play betting.  

“One of the biggest changes in the industry over the past ten years has been in-play, it has resulted in a plethora of additional markets and that is without the personalisation that is going to happen – I think that is one of the big challenges that we need to overcome.”

He added that it comes alongside the more generic challenges such as regulatory hurdles and other obstacles that come with expansion. 

Florian Diederichsen – OpenBet: being ‘groundbreaking and disruptive’ as sports betting evolves