In an interview with GamblingTV, Kwiff CEO Charles Lee touched upon what he believes are key factors for operators to consider when  targeting customers today. 

For Lee, personalisation seems to be a key area of focus if a business wants to satisfy customer demands. He said: “If we look at sports betting specifically, giving a rounded experience is key. For us, that kind of starts with personalisation. 

“As a B2B/B2C operator, there’s more and more content out there for us to deliver for customers, whether we’re providing it within the product, or we’re taking it from elsewhere and then feeding it into the customer. 

“The customer is not always going to want all of that content there, so what we need to be able to do is look at the data that the customer’s providing us with from their betting patterns and feed them the relevant content that we know is going to engage them.

“I think personalisation going through all verticals is important. If you’ve got a full solution, you can give the player a seamless cross-sell experience between all those different verticals, rather than having those verticals working individually.”

Going over to the US and whether Kwiff plans on joining the market any time soon, Lee explained: “We’ve got the tech built that will handle a multi-jurisdictional territory like the US, but the current climate is not right for us at the moment. 

“The cost of entry is a priority factor, and I also think that the marketing spend of other operators in the territory is a bit restrictive.”

Kwiff: Personalisation offering is “key” for operators