As part of Sports Innovation Lab’s CES partner programme: Sports Zone ‘Betting Business Opportunities and How Various Stakeholders Are Getting In On The Game’ panel session gathers industry experts as they touch on the state of sports betting and how various stakeholders are getting involved.

What is it?

The American Gaming Association report stated that American sportsbooks recorded their highest monthly handle and second-highest monthly revenue total this past August. The panelists state whether they believe the surge in sports betting was due to the amount of sport that had to be crammed into a small period of time because of rescheduled sporting events due to the pandemic or if there is another reason for the surge.

The panel discusses sports betting fan behaviour in detail looking at how sports betting garners the attention of fluid sports fans. It looks at how to cater to fans who need more engagement and are more ‘fickle’.

It briefly touches upon the building the betting experience in-stadium as many stadiums are equipped with the infrastructure to build the 5G experience, the opportunities and experience this technology brings about for sports bettors. 

It talks about how the industry is combining media and betting across their platforms and how the panelists view this trend moving forward.

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Who is it?

Ishwara Glassman Chrein, Head of Sports Partnerships / Business Development, Yahoo Sports

Mike Hermalyn, SVP Business Development, DraftKings

Aubrey Levy, VP of Marketing and Content, theScore

Angela Ruggiero, Co-Founder & CEO, Sports Innovation Lab

What is being said?

Levey: “There was a huge amount of pent up demand coming into the restart of the season, we benefited from it the same as everyone else. I think our September, we were up 500 per cent year over year.

“It was a really exciting but really kind of crazy time, obviously unprecedented to have that confluence of sporting events happening simultaneously and obviously still today the schedule is messed up. 

“I think what’s interesting though is you’re still seeing increased betting engagement, betting interest even while some of the more traditional consumption like linear broadcast started to fall off a bit into the fall. 

“Ratings for some of the sporting events into the playoffs started to drop down and I think that’s as much to do with changing fan consumption as anything.

“I don’t know many people who sit there and watch a full football game the whole way through on Sunday afternoon anymore as opposed to watching RedZone. The number of people largely because they are probably playing fantasy on one of their platforms.

“People, their patterns have changed dramatically whether it is full out court cutting or just multi platform following. Our entire media business is predicated on people following scores and news in real time and our engagement in game is huge. 

“I think what is exciting is that that presents a tonne of opportunity to both lean into it as a media operator and try to service fans in interesting and unique ways where they are asking for it and how they are asking for it.”

Why should I watch it?

A in-depth analysis of opportunities for sports betting in the US giving a brief recap of the past 30 months or so that it has been legal in the US and the opportunities that lie ahead, all of this insight is given by some of the biggest sports betting names in the US. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Sports Innovation Lab YouTube Channel

Sports Innovation Lab delves into US betting business opportunities