A new podcast called ‘STRIPPED’ has been launched by William Hill, aimed at reaching out to the new generations of football fans. 

Produced by London-based companies Wavemaker and Platform Media, the show is led by football content creator Ferdinand ‘Specs’ Gonzalez and YouTube personality David ‘VUJ’ Vujanic

According to a William Hill company statement, the podcast is intended for consumption by “football fans everywhere”.

“In particular, the new generation of fans who are not only interested in the aesthetics of the game but are immersed in the culture surrounding it – from fashion and music to gaming and even the food (not just the half-time pies).”

The show will invite celebrity guests each week to be interviewed by the hosts and discuss everything about football culture. 

Liam Mckee, Director of Media, Sponsorship & UK Creative at William Hill, commented: “We are under no illusion that we have to work hard to be known as a credible brand for football fans. We needed a campaign that not only captures their attention but proves to football fans, old and new – that we have a genuine passion for the beautiful game and the culture surrounding it.

“This was not an easy task given that a traditional approach would not work for this particular audience. Our STRIPPED podcast was the ideal solution; it gives us the ability to use the trusted relationships of both hosts and talent to connect with some of the most diehard fans in the sport. The idea is truly ‘one in the back of the net’ for the William Hill, Wavemaker and Platform Media teams.”

For producer Wavemaker, the STRIPPED show looks to bring a fresh angle to the traditional weekend fixture and results format by focusing on a “fresh, shareable and ‘not to be missed’ content that will have viewers and listeners coming back for more”.

Saj Nazir, Head of Content at Wavemaker, said: “From strategy to planning, and ideas generation to project management, the Wavemaker content team has worked in true partnership with William Hill and Platform Media to develop a match-winning podcast fit for football.

“Through the creation of insatiable content that goes beyond the game itself, the STRIPPED podcast will embed William Hill into the wider culture and world surrounding the beautiful game.

“Thus, helping the brand to connect with its target audience – the football fan community – and become a vital part of their weekly ‘football fix’ routine. STRIPPED will quickly become the Desert Island Discs for football.”

William Hill unveils “not-to-be-missed” podcast series