Speaking at the SBC Summit Barcelona, Betby’s CEO Leonid Pertsovskiy and COO Eva Berkova reflected on a year of challenges as the firm’s offering continues to grow. 

Pertsovskiy emphasised that Betby Games is the group’s ‘prodigy baby’, as he lauded the growth of the product, with it now providing an exponential amount of games per month. 

He also cited the integrity of the offering as being vital and something that he and Betby take immense pride in, as it continues to expand. 

Berkova followed up by highlighting the growth of all aspects of the team – not just in terms of the technical side of things, but also when it comes to management and operations. 

As the team has continued to grow, Berkova also supported the way the company has continued to focus on diversity and integrating females into key positions.

Betby Games continues growth