With tensions between FanDuel and its Founder and former CEO Nigel Eccles sharper than ever, the LSR cast gathered to discuss what the future of the relationship entails. 

This time without the usual set of three hosts, only Adam Candee and Dustin Gouker were present to share their comments. 

Gouker first explained the premise of the lawsuit, saying: “Nigel had been suing over the acquisition by PaddyPower/BetFair of FanDuel, saying that the price of the sale was depressed so that he and some other founders and early investors, and a 100 or so employees would not benefit from this.”

Eventually, the case was dropped because of Nigel’s strength of his argument, as Gouker continued: “They were ledging in their initial court case that they were sold at a discount, so that they get paid less and investors paid more. Pretty complicated story, but the bottom line here is that they lost in their appeals court.”

Contemplating whether Eccles would appeal, Gouker said: “It’s not clear what the next step is but could put a finale on something that’s been hanging over FanDuel.”

LSR: Eccles case “hanging over” FanDuel