The challenges that are faced by industry shareholders when it comes to HR and talent development were a key subject matter at the SBC Summit Barcelona. 

“It’s an interesting time that we are living in, and to an extent, I’d say that we are almost all guinea pigs in this new world,” said Cordelia Morgan Cooper, Founder of CMC Consulting.

Having established CMC Consulting, an industry-specific advisory in HR and people strategy, amid the disruptive circumstances of a global pandemic, Morgan Cooper provides some grounded advice to employees and employers.

Across the board, nerves are frayed as HR costs continue to spiral, with many executives now yearning for a return to normal proceedings between employee and paymaster.

“We should accept that the days of being office-centric are well over,” asserted Morgan Cooper, “and that has created many more HR challenges”, which are further compounded in a globalised marketplace.

Seeing “offers declined time and time again”, Morgan Cooper noted that “leadership is asking how we can be more attractive” and “what more can we offer them”.

Beyond the offer of competitive salaries, Morgan Cooper recommends igaming employers move to present clear career frameworks showcasing future opportunities to prospective recruits.

“For new people arriving to the workplace now, they want to see a path of career development”, hence HR transparency is much required as “they want to know in three-to-four years where they can get to”.

As traditional employee/employer barriers are broken, Morgan Cooper asserts that new thinking is required across all day-to-day dynamics of HR – be it recruitment, policy, staff well-being or retention.

The best-prepared organisations will be the winners in attracting Generation-Z talent – a workforce that “will come into business demanding more, asking the questions that businesses should have answered”.

Cordelia Morgan Cooper: “We should accept that the days of being office-centric are well over”