In its latest Super Bowl promotional piece, FanDuel is promising fans a slice of a mouthwatering $10mn grand prize with the help of NFL star Rob ‘Gronk’ Gronkowski

The ad includes Gronk being called by 90s film actress Karen Malina White in her role of a FanDuel executive asking the football player to kick the football live as he performs “The Kick of Destiny” in front of millions of people during commercials – something that the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end explains is beyond his grasp as ‘he doesn’t kick, he catches’. 

White then enthusiastically says: “Kick, catch, who cares? It’s football!”.

Before Gronk is able to squeeze a bit more information about the performance, White hangs up the phone with the words: “Good luck, see you in Phoenix! Don’t miss!”

The official Kick of Destiny poster is then revealed, with Gronk saying to himself that he needs the help of famed NFL placekicker Adam Vinatieri

FanDuel to put out $10mn prize during Super Bowl commercials