SBC’s Director of Sponsorships, George Harborne, highlighted the importance of the company’s newly-opened division for the gambling industry. 

Harborne said that the new department is a culmination of SBC’s decades of experience, leveraging thorough knowledge and expertise to bring together suppliers and operators with sports rights holders. 

He stated: “What we’re trying to do is draw on the decades worth of experience, knowledge and expertise that we have across the SBC group and use that to add value to the process that suppliers and operators will be going through when they’re looking at opportunities for sponsorships with sports rights holders.”

The Director of Sponsorships then explained what makes his position unique: “The SBC opportunity is unique because we are an endemic brand and there aren’t any endemic brands in this industry that work across this sort of sponsorship space. 

“It’s an obvious and natural fit to work on this project and create this new division at SBC. When I had the conversation with some of the guys I was immediately excited and hooked on what the potential was.”

Harborne concluded with an overview of the division’s long-term plans, saying: “The ambition is to firmly establish ourselves as a key player in the sponsorship brokerage space.”

SBC well underway to become ‘key player in the sponsorship brokerage space’