In the latest LSR podcast episode, the cast discussed Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ endorsement of legal sports betting in Texas and how this could impact future legislations. 

According to co-host Adam Candee, Jones’ comments have the potential to be a real stepping stone for further developments in the regional sports betting space. 

“It’s not necessarily a surprise because he is part of the Texas Sports Betting Alliance that has put itself together with a lot of the team owners,” Candee said. 

“We just started the legislation session on January 10, so we’re in the infancy of the ability to get something moving here.”

Candee then went onto quote a recent Jones interview where he states that a big change is timely and imminent:

“I think it’s really a thing that needs to be addressed at this time. All of these things (lowering property taxes and increasing educational funding) can be enhanced by something that is presently going on and we should be getting the benefit of it as citizens of Texas. It’s time for us to set the rules up and execute on it and get the benefits,” Jones said as per Candee. 

Dustin Gouker, Candee’s co-host, added that Jones is a “smart person” who knows how to get the support needed to make a change.

He said: “Jerry is a smart person, he’s hitting the right notes.Just the fact that he is using his platform to talk about gambling while his team is still in the playoffs – that’s interesting. 

“It was basically just three sentences but everyone is going to take notice because it’s Jerry Jones. There’s weight on the scale for any legislator who’s thinking about whether they should support this.”

Candee then reiterated the long battle legal sports betting in Texas has in front of it, but also reminded that if anyone’s to do it, it’s Jones.

“Remember that in Texas it is a constitutional change, so we’re talking about getting a two-thirds majority and then having voters approve it at the ballot box in November.

“A long way to go, but as we’ve talked about many times on this podcast Jerry Jones and his $11.4bn net worth and his franchise that is worth eight billion dollars do sound quite loud when they decide to use their voice.”

LSR: Jerry Jones ‘heard loud and clear’ about legal sports betting in Texas