With SBC Summit Barcelona a mere few weeks away, iGaming Daily continues to look into the event and what is set to be on show between September 19 to the 21 September. 

And today James Ross will be looking at something new for this year’s event, which sees a set of roundtable discussions across the event, where attendees will be talking about a range of topics from global markets, payments and compliance to the future of iGaming Bingo. 

Joining James Ross on the latest episode of iGaming Daily, sponsored by SBC Summit Barcelona, is Anna Arakelyan, Public Relations Manager at Casino.Online.

To find out more about SBC Summit Barcelona’s roundtable and agenda, click on the following link:

– https://sbcevents.com/sbc-summit-barcelona/

Host: James Ross
Guest: Anna Arakelyan
Producer: James Ross & Anaya McDonald
Editor: James Ross

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