As DraftKings continues to bolster its NFL engagement ahead of the new season, the latest episode of the ‘Breakdown With the Bus’ podcast with Jerome Bettis gave an in-depth look at week one. 

The ex-running back, who played in 13 NFL seasons, claimed that the ‘game has changed’ and now believes the best running back in the league is Alvin Kamara.

Bettis said: “He’s got it all; what he’s able to do when receiving the football, running the football, in between the tackles, outside the tackles, he can throw it too.”

This year, however, The NFL has made the switch to a 17-game season, which may come as a disadvantage to certain players.

Commenting on the scheduling change, Bettis continued: “It’s something the players have to be conscious of because that one extra game does mean a lot physically. One more game could mean another 30-40 hits on your body which could take a toll.

“But when they’re in the heat of the battle, they’re not thinking about it.

“A 2000-yard target this season looks more in reach of the players than ever before, but Bettis feared this is the only thing the players will be focused on.It could be dangerous, they need to be careful,” he added.

Finally, with his long playing history for the Pittsburgh team, Bettis shared that he is taking the Steelers over Green Bay in the superbowl.

“I think Eli Rogers is going to say goodbye after this year, so it would be a great story for him to win a Championship on the way out. But, I still believe that Pittsburgh is going to win.”

Bettis’ Steelers commence their campaign this Sunday as relative underdogs against the Buffalo Bills – the current favourites to take home the AFC East crown.

DraftKings: Alvin Kamara can be vital as new NFL season approaches