After the bill that regulated sports betting in Brazil was approved, and is to be voted on in the senate, the federal government published the first ordinance or ‘portaria’ establishing the general rules for the industry.

This focuses around customer engagement, how long operators have to demonstrate interest in the market, ties to athletes or sports officials, financial security and more.

To discuss this, iGaming daily have brought in one of the foremost gaming law experts in Brazil, Tiago Gomes, Partner (Sócio) at Ambiel, Manssur, Belfiore, Gomes, Hanna Advogados, a corporate law firm in São Paulo. Tiago spoke with Isadora Marcante of SBC Notícias Brasil to look through the porteria through the legal lens. You can catch the full interview via the link below, or by searching iGaming Daily on your podcast player of choice.