Ep 207: An educational sparring session to CRM-marketing

Avid listeners of the iGaming Daily podcast would have been teased the start of our CRM-focused podcast with Optimove’s CEO, Pini Yakuel and today will see the start of this series.

And on today’s episode of iGaming Daily, sponsored by Optimove, a first of two parts, James Ross is joined by Pini Yakuel, where the two discuss Pini’s ventures into the boxing ring, James’ rollercoaster Fantasy Premier League week and discuss Optimove’s 2023 Year-End letter to their stakeholders with Pini providing listeners with a educational foundation on the current state of CRM that will aid us moving forward in the series.

Later in the show, Pini also offers a glimpse into Optimove Connect, a conference that’s being held in London on March 20-21.