BetGoals calls 2024 the ‘perfect year’ to achieve its LatAm goals

After a successful year in 2023, Bogdan Andries, CEO of BetGoals, spoke exclusively with SBC Notícias Brasil about the company’s plans and what Brazilian players can expect from the operator in 2024, especially after the sanction of Law No. 14,790 , which regulates sports betting and online gaming in the country, in December last year.

“The objective is to consolidate the brand. 2023 was a good year for us, when we started operating in the Latin American market […]. 2024 is the perfect year for us as we want to be one of the main players in the region.”

For Andries, the Brazilian market is different from other countries in Latin America and other continents in the world: “Brazil is really interesting. There are a lot of opportunities in the iGaming industry there.”

The passion for sports, especially football, is “incredible”, highlights Andries. According to the CEO, the connection between sports and online betting offers the opportunity to create a product that people will like.

“We look forward to providing people with the pleasure of gaming and getting a product tailored to their needs,” Andries said. Brazil, with delimitations and definitions, calls for a personalized product for the country’s specific culture.

With the enactment of the Betting and Gaming Law, the process became easier: “Interesting times are coming. We have experience with similar changes in other markets where we have previously operated. So, we can say that expectations will be to see a more stable and more mature market.”

Furthermore, he added: “It will also be a more competitive market for all operators. The main brands will be at the top of the business, but other operators will have their space.”

Therefore, the CEO stated that they are still internally discussing strategies to adapt to the changes that will be seen throughout the year.

“With full regulation about to happen, we are analyzing all possibilities. We already have a plan prepared, but we are working on specific details for BetGoals [to be ready] when full regulation happens,” said Andries. 

“I am very confident that our knowledge and experience with and in other regulatory markets. I’m sure we will be 100% prepared.”

As CEO of BetGoals, Andries is positive about sector regulation in Brazil. For him, regulation means growth of the national industry and it will be more competitive and more stable – and that is always a good thing”.

Brazilian players who expect to see movement from the online betting and gaming operator can rest assured. Andries guaranteed that the house’s products were made to meet customer needs, also based on feedback.

“We listen to consumers. We understand what they like. We understand how they like to play and what features and promotions they like most. We always try to adapt and offer the best experience for the player”, said Andries.

“It is the key to success in our company. It has been proven over the years that this is how it works for us”, concluded the CEO.