iGaming Platform: if operators wish to expand, ‘we are here to help’

iGaming Platform took to the bustling floors of ICE London to showcase its armoury of proprietary technology and turnkey solutions, encouraging potential partners to “play outside the box”. 

CasinoBeats Editor Joe Streeter spoke with iGP’s CCO, Inesa Glazaité, to shine a light on the company’s expanding igaming toolset that Glazaité claims are now “known worldwide, and are the best for the industry”. 

When questioned on iGP’s overarching ideology, Glazaité responded by explaining that the technology provider is “here to help” for start-ups looking to make a name for themselves in the igaming industry. 

“iGP is a one send solution for operators,” she commented. “We have in-house technology, supported by different providers, that are known worldwide and are the best for the industry.

“For example, if you are a start-up and you open your brand and you’d like to learn techniques then we are here to help you.

“Apart from that, our technology allows not only start-ups to grow further, but additionally we can help operators with multiple brands that would like to expand worldwide, to see different opportunities using our platform. 

“Other than technology we offer managed services that allow our operators to have localised CRM services, payment providers and even different solutions that can be catered for the targeted markets that we are working with.”

While ICE attendees took part in an interactive plinko game within iGP’s booth, the conversation turned to current trends that could shape the gaming industry in the coming months and years, to which Glazaité claimed the evolution of gamification and localisation could be strong contenders. 

“Firstly, it could be gamification,” said Glazaité, “because gamification allows our partners to attract new, and keep existing clients. It gives them the possibility to show how much they value every player. 

“Last but not least, it would be localisation. We want to make sure that once our partners start working with us, we have everything under one roof based on their requirements.” 

iGP’s Head of Platform, Luka Markota, also made an appearance, commenting on the platform provider’s use of Artificial Intelligence to help operator partners “make the most of their players”. 

“I can see that AI is taking a huge step into igaming. Everybody is trying to use AI in different ways, like for customer support. We have also integrated a few of those AI tools to help player retention and to help our clients get the most for their players.”

“We’re also building something with AI which is the Recommendation tool for our aggregators. This is going to be coming out hopefully towards the end of this year.”

To find out more about the provider’s new Recommendation Engine that aims to allow partners to “localise anything related to their own brand” and how “the focus of iGP is innovation”, click here to watch the full interview.