Speaking at last year’s SBC Summit North America, VP of iGaming & Sports Betting at PayNearMe Leighton Webb highlighted that players need more payment options.

“Omnichannel in terms of being able to provide multiple, maximum choices for the user in terms of deposits and withdrawals, is growing in importance from the operators in this space,” said Webb when asked about the partnership between PayNearMe and Pin4.

“The Pin4 announcement really ties into that omnichannel strategy. It was a great opportunity for us to announce that and get it in front of industry leaders and customers of ours in person, here in New Jersey.”

Pin4 allows players to withdraw their winnings from an ATM without the need of a physical card.

In addition to commenting on the collaboration, Webb also discussed what he expects is coming for the industry in the US: 

“You’re going to see more states continue to regulate. Speaking from a payments side, you’re going to see a lot of emphasis on improving the player experience from a payments perspective.

“One way that I think about this is you kind of have payments 1.0 data and 2.0 data as it evolves. And really, the first part of when the industry launched in 2013 was really just getting the connectivity in place and being able to process.

“And now we’re at the point where it’s really focusing on the user experience, making it more seamless and better, and that’s where Moneyline comes into play, making it easier in terms of moving money, whether it’s a deposit or withdrawal for the user.”

PayNearMe: Omnichannel payment choices “growing in importance” for users