Former Evoplay Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Vladimir Malakchi has launched Xanada Investments, a new “ideological investment fund”.

According to the company, the fund is designed to “transcend the ordinary perception of investing and business scaling in iGaming” and will target pre-seed, seed and series A funding.

Malakchi, Xanada Investments’ CEO and Managing Partner, said on Linkedin: “I am proud to finally announce the official launch of our ideological investment fund with the mystical and very important name for me.

“Why ideological? We have combined everything that is most important to us in life and work, which allows us to move forward to our peaks in one place – our xanadu – our ideal business vision to find people like us and help them build their xanadu-like business.”

A search for the term ‘xanadu’ suggests that it means “an idealised place of great or idyllic magnificence and beauty”.

Launching Xanada Investments is Malachi’s first move since stepping down from the role of CCO at Evoplay. He joined the company as Chief Business Development Officer in 2019 before moving to the role of CCO in March 2021.

Before joining Evoplay, he worked as a consultant at various tech and gaming companies and also served as Chief Marketing Officer at until July 2019.

Xanada Investments claims that its end goal is to “ideologically and strategically bond leaders into one community for the global idea of mutual prosperity”.

Malakchi to “transcend the ordinary” via investment fund