Flintstones fanatic James Ross and a more reluctant Jessica Welman and John Cook return for this week’s episode of Cinema Reels to offer their analysis on the Flintstones prequel Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

The trio offer up their best and worst moments and discuss the accuracy surrounding the gambling in the film.

The 2000 prequel to the 1993 live-action Flintstones details how Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty meet. The first half tackles the romantic entanglements of the two couples while the second half ships them off to the bedrock version of Las Vegas, complete with the Golden Nugget and Sahara Rock.

After discussing the favourite Flintstones of the three hosts, we find out if the reluctant John and Jess enjoyed the film.

John is not a fan of the movie at all whereas Jess is “embarrassed” to admit that she enjoyed the movie. She says that she thinks she liked it as she enjoys the work of the actors in the film who were “doing their best with what they’ve got”. 

They also talk how the movie manages to blend more adult themes while maintaining the silliness needed to be a good children’s film.

Looking more specifically at the gambling scenes shown in the film, John questions whether it is a responsible topic to show in a children’s film.

James argues that the film is actually more aimed at adults who watched the original Flintstones cartoons in the 1960s which was indicated by some of the more old-school references throughout.

Before moving on to the weekly quiz, they finish by trying to decide who they would back as the best gambler and Chip, Wilma and the Gazoo are all thrown up as potential options.

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas – Cinema Reels Podcast