Ep 184: AGA shows true GRIT against federal excise tax

The US federal excise tax has existed long before the repeal of PASPA, but it is a subject that is rarely discussed—until now.

Last week, federal lawmakers introduced the Gambling Addiction Recovery, Investment, and Treatment Act, or GRIT Act, which proposes using the money collected through the federal excise tax to support Responsible Gaming (RG) causes.

However, the measure was not well-received by operators, as the American Gaming Association has come out against it. Why would the industry oppose such a measure?

In the first half of today’s episode of iGaming Daily, sponsored by Optimove, Jessica Welman, Editor at SBC Americas, is joined by SBC’s Media Manager, Charlie Horner, to delve into the GRIT Act and what this means for operators.

In the second half of today’s podcast, Jessica Welman is joined by Alex Kane, CEO and Founder of Sporttrade, to discuss the impact of the federal excise tax on operators.

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