Although all eyes are on international football with the ongoing Euro 2024 and Copa America tournaments, business in English domestic football hasn’t slowed down. 

In recent weeks several Premier League teams have signed sponsorship agreements with international betting brands.

Host Ted Orme-Claye, Editor of Insider Sport, is joined by Senior Journalist, Callum Williams, and Business Journalist, Kieran O’Connor, to discuss why operators and teams are so eager to secure these deals. 

Last year, Premier League clubs collectively agreed to a blanket ban on gambling operators as front-of-shirt sponsors by the end of the 2025/26 season and Callum suggests that teams are looking to “cash in” before the rule is implemented.

Callum added: “It’s kind of no surprise that [operators are] coming in just about two years before this ban comes into effect because the Premier League is the biggest platform in world football, so they’re looking to then get as much visibility and much brand exposure as they can before this ban comes into effect.”

A concern for Premier League teams is remaining compliant with profit and sustainability rules, as Everton and Nottingham Forest were both handed points deduction for excess spending last season.

As a result of this revenue generated from sponsorships is vital to allow clubs to remain within the guidelines set out by the Premier League.

Kieran said: “If you’re going to be successful, you need to get the revenue in and this is what these teams are doing it seems. They’re not too worried about who they are getting it from. They just need the revenue.” 

Some of the agreements have come under scrutiny for being with brands that are less well-known in the UK. 

Last month, Crystal Palace signed an agreement with the Vietnam-based firm Net88 that only created a UK website and official account on X, formerly known as Twitter, shortly before the announcement of their sponsorship of the club.

Kieran explained: “It has raised a few questions with a lot of supporters who are questioning the ethics around the deals. It’s quite apparent that these deals are only there to generate money. 

“On Twitter, you’ve seen fans trying to investigate the operators and see who’s behind them. I would say that there is quite an apparent trend in fans questioning betting deals and getting behind programs like the Big Step who have been very active in fighting against these sponsorships.”

To end the show, the talk circles back to the Euro 2024 and Ted asks the pair what their predictions are for the rest of the tournament.

Kieran sticks with his pre-tournament prediction of Portugal whereas Callum suggests there could be more heartbreak for England fans with another final loss, this time at the hands of Spain

Ep 295:  A flurry of betting sponsors in English football