The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) aims to “revolutionise gambling entertainment” and benefit communities with its new five-year strategy.

Pat Davis, President and CEO of the BCLC, revealed his organisation’s intentions in an interview with SBC’s Media Manager, Charlie Horner, at the recent Canadian Gaming Summit.

Davis explained how the strategy will be anchored around three specific strategic focuses.

He said: “One of them is around what we call knowing play. We ultimately want to have a clear understanding of our players and a 100% understanding of all wagers that occur across all of our platforms, and be able to personalize those experiences for our players.”

“The second one is building a world-class rewards and incentives program to drive player engagement and loyalty. And the third is continuing our social purpose journey to generate wins for the greater good and amplify our impact not only for our players but also all of the communities that we operate in the province and the country and industry at large.”

The BCLC is set to launch a digital-first retail sportsbook where customers will download and create bet slips on their devices before scanning them in the retail location.

Davis described how this process is the latest development in the BCLC’s “journey of digital convergence” and that it is “excited to be on that path and see that come to fruition”.

In May, the Vancouver City Council voted to amend the moratorium on casino expansion to allow more table games and slot machines to be added at the city’s two land-based gaming venues. 

The BCLC requested the policy change and its proposal emphasised the capacity for the changes to bring more revenue for the city and local communities.

On the change, Davis said that the BCLC is excited to have the chance to “enhance and modernise” casino offerings in the city.

He added: “When the most recent casino facility in Vancouver was built, the city imposed a moratorium on any changes. That was a little over 11 years ago and the cities really growing and the landscape has changed pretty dramatically.”

“It’s great to see the city recognise that and allow us the opportunity to make changes to the mix and to the offerings that we have in the city to better serve that market and all of the players not only that live in Vancouver [but] that comes and visit Vancouver which is, of course, a top tourist destination.”

BCLC aim to “revolutionise gambling entertainment” with five-year strategy