Ed Pownall runs his Industry Eye over some of the news battering the gambling industry this week:

You would be forgiven for thinking that as Entain already own pretty much everything already there simply can’t be anything left on the shelf to buy. But, naturally, you would be wrong or there wouldn’t be much point in me bringing it up now would there?

They are going back Down Under to add to their portfolio with TabCorp. Twill be jolly interesting to see whether Flutter the other insatiably acquisition hungry behemoth will enter the fray. Popcorn at the ready.

The biggest 4 days of betting in the UK is nearly upon us which would normally mean 60,000 of us would don the old Tweed and head to the Cheltenham Festival. Staggeringly it went ahead last but this year will be behind closed doors which I think will make it even more record breaking that normal. Them bookies are licking their lips at a tasty pay day.

In the UK the Gambling Commission, er, Commissioned pollster YouGov to see what the public felt about the concept of punters have a maximum spend cap on their betting.
Good news! 51%% said they didn’t agree with that…we at the Industry Eye find the concept forced spend limits beyond patronising and nanny-state-ish.

And Finally…Bally Group are looking to scupper Element Partners deal to buy the World Poker Tour’s portfolio but coming in over $20,000,000 more than the existing offer. SHEEESH, they want that business bad. You can almost hear the champagne corks going off at WPT’s owner Allied Esports.

The Industry Eye – Entain, Bally & World Poker Tour, and Cheltenham Festival