As it increases in importance, AML continues to present a challenge for operators on a global scale. 

Providing a fascinating insight during a live show on Betsson’s LinkedIn page, Jamie Frendo, Head of AML & Risk Operations at Betsson Group, emphasised that trust is at the heart of the process and key to the formation of an efficient AML strategy. 

He also detailed that education plays a key part in what he does on a day to day basis, with everyone in the company, even those not in the fraud team being informed on AML and fraud strategies. 

When asked on his favourite thing about working in Betsson’s AML team, Frendo emphasised that ‘it’s a special feeling catching criminals and ensuring that the firm is covered in terms of AML and that the site can’t be used to smuggle funds’. 

Concluding the light-hearted interview, Frendo was quizzed with some quickfire questions where we discovered whether he prefers rock or pop? Dining out or eating in? And, his love for motorcycles.

Betsson’s Jamie Frendo: ‘It’s a special feeling when you catch somebody committing fraud’