What is it?

The Polling Station is a regular political podcast hosted by bookmaker Star Sports.

This episode looks at the UK’s annual spending review and what it means for Rishi Sunak’s future. Also this week: how long will Keir Starmer last as Labour leader? & has Trump finally conceded?

Who is it?

Star Sports bills itself as the UK’s leading luxury bookmaker and has prominent racecourse betting pitches, including at the headline events of the year: the Cheltenham Festival, Epsom’s Derby meeting, Royal Ascot, and Glorious Goodwood.

Irish racing Pundit Johnny Ward hosts the podcast

Star Sports’ political analyst William Kedjany answers the questions

What is being said?

William Kedjany: “Boris is in for a tricky year in 2021. This year has been incredibly challenging for him. I think we have to remember his own battle with Coronavirus, but most people and the majority of voters, even if that majority is less now that it was at the high point, think the Government hasn’t done a great job on handling Coronavirus.

“What’s really important for him next year? Two things; Brexit and the vaccine roll out. If the Government can get some sort of Brexit deal and navigate the tricky part which is the changeover from 31 December to 1 January without too much damage and large parts of the population are vaccinated by summer then you’d imagine they would get some credit from the public for that.”

Why should I watch it?

If you want to get up to speed with the latest views around political betting now that the US General Election is over – well unless you are a Betfair user – and see what is coming down the line.

Where can I see more?

Source: The Star Sports website

“Political betting never sleeps” – The Polling Station