What is it?

In episode 20 of The Big Betting Balagan podcast interviews Playtech Group’s Shimon Akad talking about his roadmap into industry, he gives insight into Playtech’s day to day running, its plans for the future with particular focus on the US. 

The pair also discuss current industry trends and news looking at gambling reforms and responsible gambling. 

Who is it?

Shimon Akad, Group COO, Playtech

Dan Phillip: Co-host, Big Betting Balagan Podcast & CEO, NEL Advisory

The Big Betting Balagan: A series of podcasts which focus on the good, the bad and the ugly of  the betting and gaming industry. Defining the podcast name ‘Balagan’ from our Pod title ‘The Big Betting Balagan.’

The best translation into English would be something like a state of chaos, disarray or even confusion. The trio believe this name is something ‘Those in the industry will be able to identify with that and how it has evolved and gets things done!’

What is being said?

Akad on industry collaboration: “One of the things we’ve kind of changed and I’m proud of in the last three years we started to work really well with good relationships and good terms with other B2B’s one of them for example is Microgaming that we launch their content on our platform.

“When they wanted to close the poker network they called me and their CEO said Shimon, ‘do you want to make a deal on poker?’ Then Microgming moved all their poker networks into Playtech. 

“I think if you speak to the operators they are very happy with it. There’s a lot of sense in B2B’s competing sometimes but there’s definitely a lot of sense with B2B’s actually working together sometimes. I think you would need that as well as part of the future.”  

Akad on responsible gaming: “The message is you definitely need to make sure that there is responsible gaming there but you should do it in a way that is balanced and the business can continue to move on. In finding that balance I think it’s a very difficult feat. 

“You don’t want to make sure you do too much of one thing and you definitely don’t want to do too little.”

Why should I watch it?

Behind the scenes look at how one of the biggest tech companies in industry operates and as well as discussing some current industry news such as gambling reforms, responsible gambling and affordability checks in the UK.

Where can I see more?

Source: The Big Betting Balagan YouTube Channel

Playtech: US vision for the future