The present day and age is a ‘revolutionary time’ for the sports and sports betting industries. Owing to technological developments, the meeting of sports data and artificial intelligence can play a pivotal role in the way that integrity is monitored.

What is it?

The latest edition of the Integrity Insights Podcast delves into how data can join the fight against match fixing and match manipulation, creating new opportunities for sports analytics.

Who is it?

Jake Marsh, Global Head of Integrity at Stats Perform

Stats Perform is a Chicago-based sports data and analytics company, specialising in the use of AI machine learning to deliver predictions and insights for sports bodies and betting companies to increase fan and customer engagement.

What is being said?

Explaining how Stats Perform has ‘lead by example’, Marsh commented: “In terms of our betting monitoring, we are using AI and machine learning to look at historical odds data, historical event data and bringing that all together to refine the alerts that we use in our in-house systems when we’re monitoring a betting market. On the performance side, this is looking at historical databases going back years in lots of competitions and in various sports, particularly in football and cricket.

“We are developing new tools and metrics using this deep data to enhance the insights on various elements of individual matches.

“Data integrity is a very important part of our operations. We see all stakeholders as having a key part to play in integrity. As a company, we very much sit at the cross-section of the betting and sports sectors. As a service provider and partner to both sectors, it’s incumbent upon organisations, such as ours, to demonstrate best practice, especially when our operations can impact those elsewhere. For example, in the data supply chain.”

Why should I watch it?

To navigate the role that artificial intelligence plays in sports and sports betting integrity and how new technological advancements can join the fight against match fixing and manipulation.

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Utilising artificial intelligence to ‘revolutionise’ sports betting integrity