As an intriguing college football season looms, Julian Edlow was joined by college football expert Phil Steele to delve deeper into the upcoming campaign from a sportsbook perspective. 

Detailing what bettors should take into account when they engage with the power five conferences, as the season progresses. 

According to Steele, when he looks at Georgia, they are pretty ‘clear cut to win the East’, as he cited them being the more veteran team over rivals Florida, who he considers the other key contenders in the race. 

He added: “They have 13 returning starters – JT Daniels comes back after starting the last four games last year and they averaged 38 points per game with him at quarterback. 

“They have my number two rated running back, my number seven rated offensive line and Georgia has my number three rated defense overall. 

“Now remember, Florida last year 428 yards per game and 31 points per game, I think they will be improved on defense but they have a ways to go to catch Georgia. 

“Just looking at the talent, you have to favour Georgia, but the schedule is ridiculously slanted in Georgia’s favour.” 

Highlighting trends, Steele also outlined his belief that favourites Alabama to get the win in the first half remains a potentially fruitful pick, as the five-time national finalists regularly come out firing on all cylinders. 

Further underlining their commitment to college football, DraftKings also enabled Edlow to open up markets for the upcoming season – with special ‘Unreasonable Odds’ market specials.

DraftKings – Unreasonable Odds podcast previews the College Football season