Star Sports Trader chat reflected on a ‘decent weekend in the world cup qualifiers’, as both France and Italy dropped points and provided a pair of coupon-busters for bookmakers. 

Bookmaker, Flynn Goward, also revealed that a couple of confident performances by Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions, including one in a hostile Hungarian atmosphere, saw patriotic money come in on England to win the World Cup in 2021. 

When it comes to the World Cup, the pair also shared their disdain for plans to host football’s most coveted tournament every two years, with host Johnny Ward describing the plans as ‘bananas’, stating it represents a ‘farcical situation’.

Goward agreed as he emphasised his belief that having too much of something can make it mundane, also outlining that he thinks an increased number of World Cups will diminish the prestige of the European Championships. 

Goward and Ward also analysed the weekend’s racing, as overall it was a strong weekend for bookmakers as STARMAN’s efforts to capture glory at Hardock were thwarted and there was a significant lack of wins for the market-leaders at the track. 

Star Sports: Comfortable wins lead to Three Lions betting attraction