Sportsbook software and services provider, Altenar has launched a new video series ‘Coffee Break with Altenar’ dedicated to sharing the firm’s experience and expertise to anyone operating or wishing to start a sports betting site.

The series, published on the sportsbook software and services provider’s social channels, addresses interchanging topics each week in which members of the team give what they call ‘life and igaming hacks’.

On the most recent episode COO, Dinos Stranomitis looked at how important the size of a sports betting offering is.

Two other videos have been published so far, the second with Commercial Director, Domenico Mazzola looking at the different solution platforms and the first starring CEO, Stanislav Silin looking at sportsbook widgets, its latest feature for its sportsbook. In an interview with SBC News Silin elaborates on the new product addition: “This is a special form of a widget which extends betting outside of where the sportsbook is published and delivers betting content to the player even before they have become a player with you. 

“We wanted to extrapolate this idea to other pieces of the content and build a full suite of such widgets. So far, we have created four or five different widgets and we’ve launched with two customers. We’re getting some feedback on technological fine-tuning that is compelling us to make some changes to further the product. 

“We are probably not the first to do it, but we are doing it because the customers want it, we believe it works and it is a good technological evolution for our own architecture.”

The fourth instalment ‘Fixed game or wrong line’ is set to be released later today. 

Altenar launches new web series advising aspiring operators