Yoav Ziv, CRO of LSports, highlighted the benefits artificial intelligence can bring when it comes to the sports betting industry.

Ziv was questioned at SBC Summit Barcelona where he explained that tech can guarantee a reduction in reliance on data scouts, while also significantly improving accurate statistics from events. 

He also pointed out that LSports is already focused on bringing such innovations into the industry thanks to the company’s proprietary Computer Vision solution, which he explained can bring improvements to operators’ trading operations. 

He said: “In the near future, and definitely when 5G is more widely available, you will be able to base your scouting data on Computer Vision only. Today, we already know how to do that. Even on streams with very bad quality, we don’t need a HD connection to collect data from a stream.

“Computer Vision can do anything. For example in a tennis match, the distance travelled by a player is not something that a data scout can collect. 

“But, it is something that Computer Vision can do really easily. It also means that we can get more data sets in order to allow customers to make better decisions and maybe even better trading operations.”

In the build-up to  the FIFA World Cup, Ziv also mentioned that LSports is working on two products that aim to enhance the overall user experience and drive both customer engagement and retention. 

“We have two main things that we are focussing on. The first of which is our Bet Booster, a tool based on AI that is providing betting tips based on historical trends. For the World Cup, we’re going to offer daily betting tips on every game, every match and every aspect as we market the tournament.

“The second thing we are focusing on is we are offering a unique World Cup Centre, where all data is relayed as a widget. So all data related to the World Cup fixtures, games, historical analysis, social media integration, information about the venues and general information about where the games are being played.

“This is going to be something which is super engaging and incredibly interesting for players. We hope that it will allow our customers to not only acquire more users, but to also improve retention rates and allow players to stay on a betting website for longer.”

LSports is focusing on “improved statistics” ahead of the World Cup