PayNearMe guest stars on the Knup Sports Show to discuss all things payment processing in the modern age and how the platform’s solutions can benefit gaming operators.

What is it?

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating how customers choose to pay and the demand for faster payment processes, payment solution providers are making a splash in the gaming space across multiple verticals, testing the waters of applications such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Who is it?


Jeremy Enke, Strategic Sales Executive – US iGaming – at PayNearMe

Ryan Knuppel, Co-Founder of Knup Sports

PayNearMe is a billing and payments platform that allows its 5,000-plus customers to pay how, when and where they want with consistent experiences across multiple channels, accepting all debit, credit, ACH and cash – plus mobile-first – payment methods.

Knup Sports is a sports betting content site, providing betting picks, DFS tips, exclusive bonuses and contests, with its own Knup Sports Show and Podcast.

What is being said?

Discussing how platforms such as PayNearMe can speed up the previously ‘painful’ process, Enke said: “We work with FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesar’s, Golden Nuggets as well as all the platform operators because, at the end of the day, as we all know platform operators have a part of the integration and everything else. So, one of the things we really pride ourselves into is from an electronic payments standpoint. Like I said, we’ve been in other verticals for several years and we have, this is crazy, but 100% retention rate.

“When we bring customers on for our electronic payments, clearly we’re doing something right. They don’t leave because it’s such an easy and simple process. And it’s being very well-received in the gaming space with the operators that we are speaking with right now, as it should be.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about the role of payment processing within the iGaming and gambling industries, and how the service has evolved of late.

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Source: Knup Sports YouTube Channel

Knup Sports: Payment processing in the electronic age