Yuliya Ivanisova of Blazesoft on an ‘ambitious project’ & ‘critical’ acclaim

A “very ambitious project” and “significant growth within the last year” were key touch points as Yuliya Ivanisova broke down the Blazesoft project, elaborated on recent developments and hinted at what the future could hold. 

The company’s Head of Strategic Partnerships & Marketing began proceedings by noting a “huge impact in the social gaming sector” that has been made since provider was established in 2016, before touching on the key ingredients that have shaped the company’s path thus far.

In addition to hailing a “remarkable team of dedicated employees”, Ivanisova cited proprietary tech, adhering to the “highest standards for user experience” and a “seasoned C-level executive team” as crucial to steering the Blazesoft ship in the right direction.

“Our C-level team was able to build a strong company culture with a dedicated team that brings innovation to the table on a daily basis,” she said. “So these four ingredients, I would say, are the top secret sauce that brings us to success.”

More recent developments saw the company introduce its Zula Casino project, as well as detail a $10M investment into an upcoming sports venture, which are designed to build on the success of its flagship Fortune Coins brand.

With the former described as a “significant milestone” that “looks very promising”, the aforementioned funding intends to blend the worlds of social sports and casino-style gaming via Sportzino. Launch is expected to take place by the end of the year.

“It is a very ambitious project. It will be a first of its kind platform that will combine the world of social sports and casino-style entertainment,” Ivanisova explained.

“Users will be able to experience leagues, esports, virtual sports, and at the same time they will be able to play hundreds of slots, bingo, and other casino game genres. In terms of sport predictions, you will find a variety of types. Singles, parlays, same game picks, systems, etc. Also users will be able to navigate from one device to another and switch between the games at any time. 

“There will be a special hub, with sports statistics available for the users where they can see sports stats, bonuses, and promotions. And also we’re going to implement a special widget that will allow users to see the content based on their interest. 

“And all of this is just for phase one. I cannot reveal what we have in mind for phase two. The only thing that I can tell you is that phase two will shake the sports prediction industry.”

As time drew to a close, the “hugely critical” nature of company culture took centre stage, with the Ontario-based social gaming company recently earning Great Place to Work certification.

“Getting the recognition as the best place to work is a great testament of our ongoing effort to create a work environment where every employee is valued and recognised,” Ivanisova continued.

“Great place to work certification will allow us to be added to the list of the best places to work in Canada in 2024, and this is a huge achievement for us.”