In a special edition of iGamingFM, Ellie Lynch took the hot seat as Jack Smith of SportingTech revealed the direction and beliefs of the firm that led to his move there. 

According to Smith, the recent deal with 888Africa affirms that the group is moving in a positive direction and continues to build momentum ahead of the World Cup. 

Meanwhile, Technamin’s Matt Sahakian revealed his belief that crypto is going to be at the forefront of iGaming’s evolution. 

When it comes to growth, he pinpointed diversity as being key – bringing in new perspectives and varied opinions. 

Thomas Aigner of underlined the importance of personalisation within the firm’s offering, as he highlighted that it leans on AI. 

He also outlined the steps to eradicate bonus abuse, as he revealed that the firm is looking to enable operators to ‘challenge their status quo’.

The conversation also moved to the US, as the interviewees analysed the market, which continues to grow and present opportunities, but also challenges for operators.

iGamingFM: The difference between personalisation and segmentation