In the latest edition of the Ball and Chain podcast, in conjunction with ZenSports, Bjorn Nilsson discussed the concept of Triggy.

Who is it?

Bjorn Nilsson, Co-Founder of Triggy

Mark Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of ZenSports

What is being said?

“I’ve been in the industry for just about 20 years – I’ve split that between gaming and sports betting, pretty much evenly,” Nilsson said. “Since 2004 I’ve been running my own businesses and I’ve been a management consultant at a number of firms here in Sweden and across Europe but we started Triggy three years ago.

“The intention at first was to create a user-friendly B2B2C product where customers could place automatic bets. The operators were quite reluctant to a solution like this and they were afraid that really good punters would come in and destroy their margins, so we changed the concept and made it more mainstream.

“We turned it into a notification service in a standalone app. Today, we deliver the product to three sportsbooks and they’re complete white labelled marketing apps with live scores and live data, where players can either toggle on an event to get notifications when a game starts, when a goal is scored or when it’s half-time.

“With every notification, we send what we call ‘Next Bets’, which are the three bets that you’re most likely to want to play at any given time, both based on context and your preference or your history as a punter.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about a new product in the sports betting space and how Triggy has plugged a gap in the market in the European market.

Where can I see more?

Source: ZenSports YouTube Channel

Triggy: Making automatic bets ‘mainstream’ in the sports space